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Reveal Nano
Nano Mode is a team based, infection type, game mode that throws soldiers from both factions into quarantined locations. They must work together as a team in order to fight off those that are contaminated and transformed into mutations trying to spread the infection.


  • CF China: Biochemical Mode (Coming June 16th, 2018)


Description subject to changes once the beta rolls out, as it is unknown which specific rules from the first game's various mutation modes will be used.

During the initial phase, the subjects, looking for safe spots available to them on a given location, will try to avoid others until the mutation manifests itself. Which will reveal the select few that are infected by turning them into monstrosity. The infected, now with increased stamina and speed, will be trying to spread the virus onto the remaining survivors.

By now, survivors would be in a holding spot with others, preventing the monsters from reaching them, using whichever weapons they've brought. While any weapons can be useful, for these type of enemies, it is recommended that some of them should bring machine guns, so that they have plenty of ammunitions to hold long enough for the clock to run down.