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Reveal S&D
Search & Destroy is a team based game mode where terrorists attempt to destroy one of two designated areas with an explosive device. Meanwhile, a counter-terrorist team is dispatched to intercept them, but are also prepared to defuse the bomb if it comes down to that.


  • CF China: Blast Mode (Coming June 16th, 2018)


Each locations feature two target areas that Black List operatives plan to attack. It is their goal to make their way to one of them, secure it and plant a timed bomb case; defending it until it explodes. Alternatively, they can guarantee a victory by wiping out their opposition. As long as they survive, defend the bomb and don't run out of time, they are in the clear.

Global Risk are tasked to defend these sites at all cost. They can do so by eliminating their enemies before a bomb plant or by defusing the bomb if it does get armed. Although, they could also attempt to track down the bomb carrier, secure its case and then use it as bait to potentially kill off remaining terrorists or run down the clock, forcing them to surrender.